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Every year termites attack thousands of homes across the United States. The most common species in Ohio is the Subterranean Termite. This species of termites lives underground in a colony (nest) from which workers known as foragers are sent out to find food for the colony. That food source is wood. Wood in homes and structures can be a source of food to these termites if conditions are conducive. Termites can cause major structural damage if the feeding is not found and stopped.

The purpose of termite control is to stop termites from feeding on a structure. Only a licensed Pest Management Professional (PMP) should perform termite control procedures. PMP”s in Ohio are licensed and regulated by the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA). The termiticides used for the control and elimination of termites is regulated by both the ODA and the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). If Termites are found in or around your home………. DO NOT PANIC!!

Research termites and available termite treatment options by clicking on the links below or contact us for more information. To know more about Termites go to:


Termite Baits

You can also view the “Selecting a Reliable Pest management Company for Termite work.”

OR How to reduce your Home’s Risk of Infestation


Termite control services should include the following:

1. A thorough inspection by a licensed PMP.
2. A detailed treatment proposal.
3. A thorough explanation of the termite control agreement. (if any)
4. A plan for follow-up periodic inspections (usually annually). This should be discussed with your pest management firm to determine how and when these inspections would be performed and any additional costs for these inspections.

Selecting a PMP is extremely important and should involve some research on your part. When selecting a PMP, consider the following:

Check to be sure that the PMP has a good track record, including customer references, and is in good standing with the Ohio Department of Agriculture (1-800-282-1955).

Beware of extremely low price quotations. Compare termite proposals to see if work will include clearing of crawlspaces of materials conducive to termite activity. Compare service agreement offerings to find differences in levels of service being quoted. THE CHEAPEST IS OFTEN NOT THE BEST DEAL!

Wood Destroying Insects are not limited to just Termites. The following insects are just as damaging and have proven to be very costly for the homeowner.

Powder Post Beetle

Carpenter Ant

Carpenter Bees




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