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We offer that “cut above the rest” service for your home and property. Contact us - We offer many Pest Management Solutions.

Our Exterior Spraying service provides you with complete barrier protection against those insects that make such a mess on you homes windows, doors and siding.

• Having the exterior of the home and buildings treated in late May early June will   benefit you for the season.
• We inconvenience you one time per year.
• By making application of insecticide on the exterior of the home. This insecticide left    undisturbed will keep the population of insects around your home to a minimum for    approximately a 90 day period.

There are many other options involved in this type of application. We can treat in early spring and late fall to reduce the occurances of the Box Elder and Asian Lady Beetles.

Having the exterior perimeter or the complete exterior spraying program will help reduce those pesky insects that are strickly just a nuisance in these areas. Limiting the Asian Lady Beetle population in the fall may help in reducing the occurances of them entering you home and becoming a problem in winter months on warm days. In older homes, there may be cracks and crevices that enable the beetles to harbor in and once we get a warm sunny day, they emerge and create problems in and around your home.

One way of removing them from your living quarters is by vacuuming them in this method:

Inside the Home

Mechanical Removal. Swatting, smashing, or crushing lady beetles is not a good idea because their body fluid can leave a permanent stain on carpets, curtains, walls, etc. Lady beetles will stick to duct tape or similar sticky tape, which then can be discarded. Although it may be practical to remove small numbers of lady beetles using sticky tape, vacuuming is a much more efficient and rapid technique.

"Bag 'em!!!" Using a Vacuum Cleaner. An effective way to minimize problems with large numbers of multicolored Asian lady beetles is to use a vacuum cleaner or shop-vac to "bag" the beetles. The beetles can be captured inside a knee-high nylon stocking that has been inserted into the extension hose or wand and secured in place with a rubber band (see Figure 2). As soon as the vacuum cleaner is turned off, be sure to remove the stocking so that the captured beetles cannot escape. As you remove it, the rubber band closes around the stocking, effectively "bagging" the lady beetles. You then can discard the contents of the stocking.

Click on image to enlarge

If you want to keep the lady beetles and release them during the spring, place a damp cloth (they need moisture) inside the stocking. If you want to reuse the stocking, place the damp cloth inside a container perforated with numerous air holes and empty the lady beetles into the container. The collected beetles should be kept in a protected, unheated area, such as a detached garage or storage shed.





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