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We offer a full service inspection for real estate closings as well as for the consumer that is finding damage and needs a professional inspection and proposal for treatment. Our inspection process is thorough, taking a full set of pictures to depict the condition of the structure at time of inspection.

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Signature of Buyer & Seller

The Buyer and Seller must sign and date the report. It is not the inspector's responsibility to obtain these signatures. These should be obtained at closing by the realtor or closing firm. The Seller's signature signifies that the Seller agrees that all pertinent property history regarding WDI infestations, damage, repair and treatment has been disclosed to the Buyer. The Buyer signs the form to indicate that they acknowledge receipt of a copy of the report.

Important Consumer Information (Page 2)

This page contains information for the consumer in order to explain the scope and limitations of the inspection. Inspectors should read and understand all information on page two. In addition, a maintenance advisory regarding integrated pest management is detailed for the consumer. Both the Buyer and Seller should agree to any corrective action and responsibility for corrective action. Under no circumstances is the inspector responsible for correction action unless provided by separate contract. A full understanding of the scope and limitations of the inspection cannot be gained without reading page 2.

  1. About the Inspection: This section addresses what WDI pests and general inspection and warranty parameters are covered by the report. It reinforces that mold, mildew, and non-insect pests are not covered by this inspection or report.
  2. Treatment Recommendation Guidelines Regarding Subterranean Termites: This section provides additional detail and guidance to the inspector to assist in making the often difficult decision as to when a recommendation for treatment should be made in Section III. It provides factors considered by the inspector in his/her decision making process. Much of the language in this section reflects the guidance provided under Section III above.
  3. Obstructions and Inaccessible Areas: This section provides additional detail to the inspector and customer as to what is commonly considered an area obstructed or inaccessible to inspection. It provides guidance on completing Section IV of the form. This section states that lack of a ladder for access or less than 24" of clearance beneath floor joists in the crawl space are acceptable explanations for inaccessibility to parts of the structure. Note that neither factor is intended to limit the scope or quality of the inspection when the inspector can readily gain access to these areas.
  4. Consumer Maintenance Advisory Regarding Integrated Pest Management for Prevention of Wood Destroying Insects: This section provides suggestions to homeowners about corrective measures, other than treatments, that could be undertaken to reduce the chances of WDI problems in the structure(s).
  5. Neither the inspecting company nor the inspector has had, presently has, or contemplates having any interest in the property inspected. This statement means that neither the inspector nor the inspecting company or its owners or officers are the buyers or sellers of the property.

Form NPMA-33 is copyrighted and cannot be reproduced in any manner without written consent of NPMA. These Guidelines may be reproduced but may not be altered.





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