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Edwards Pest Control Services, Inc. offers many services for your Pest Management needs:





We offer monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and annual Pest Control services, tailored to your specific needs.

We are a full service Pest Management Company. We treat for spiders, ants, wasps, bees, silverfish, earwigs, roaches, all of those moisture related insects that invade your home and business. Rodent and Nuisance animal control services specific to your needs.

Edwards Pest Control Services, Inc. will provide you with the tailored Interior and Exterior Pest Management quality that you deserve. Edwards Pest Control is there for Restaurants, Retail Stores, Public-Government Agencies, Nurseries, Offices and Warehouses. Whatever your business, call Edwards Pest Control for your Pest Management needs.

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We offer rodent control services, specified to your home or business needs. We offer rodent control services from a Non-Pesticide means (glue boards & Tin Cats) to baiting programs.

Warehouses, Storage Buildings, Residential, whatever your business....call on us and we will gladly do a walk down of your facility or property and discuss the best options for your needs.

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We carry the automatic timed-aerosol dispensers for fly control. These dispensers are very effective in reducing the flying insect population in your home or business.

The kill MISTER a timed - aerosol dispenser is a safe, controlled, and monitored device with no or minimal clinical, toxicologic, or ecologic effects to man. Pyrethrin is unsurpassed in its record of safety. The controlled emission of this naturally occurring chemical has increased efficacy while reducing total exposure to a minimum. The "risk/benefit" equation is thus heavily in favor of its use where insect infestations are present and the instructions for its installation are followed.

The principle and practice embodied in the use of the MISTER, an automatic timed-aerosol dispenser, is to periodically release a metered amount of KONK, a synergized Pyrethrin insecticide, into 6,000 cubic feet of air space- seeking thereby to develop and maintain a sufficient level of potential repellency to (1) discourage the entry of insects and/or (2) kill those that do enter and remain in the establishment.

These Automatic Aerosol Dispensers for controlling flying insects are great in commercial kitchens, barns, club rooms, veterinarians, kennels, offices and many other useful areas. We currently have them in local Restaurants for the summer season to keep those pesky flies from bothering the customers.


It is automatic (protects 24 hours a day)
Easy to use (Fill it, hang it, forget it!)
Portable (can be relocated to your boat from your summer home.)
Effective (up to 6,00 cubic feet of protection)
Inexpensive (Just pennies a day)
Battery Operated
Easy to clean (in solid white plastic)
Maintenance free
Easy to change aerosol supply
No springs, No cams, No gears
On/Off Switch


Battery operated - the Air Guard actuator is easy to use. Slide the back off the actuator. Snap the aerosol into place. Connect the battery. Slip the back of the actuator on. Flip the switch. Hang it on the wall. The actuator emits a spray every 7-1/2 minutes for approximately thirty days.

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We carry the automatic timed-aerosol dispensers for odor control. These dispensers are very effective in reducing odors in the home or business with a timed-release aerosol machine.

We carry the automatic timed-aerosol dispensers for fly control. These dispensers are also capable of giving you an added benefit for the use of these machines during the winter months when the flying insects are not a problem.

We use the Automatic Aerosol Dispensers, loaded with Odor Neutralizer for controlling those smoke odors in Bars, Restaurants and Manufacturing facility break rooms, Club rooms, Veterinarians, Kennels, Offices and many other useful areas.


Battery operated. The Air Guard actuator is easy to use. Slide the back off the actuator. Snap the aerosol into place. Connect the battery. Slip the back of the actuator on. Flip the switch. Hang it on the wall. The actuator emits a spray every 7-1/2 minutes for approximately thirty days

Use the Automatic Aerosol Dispenser can be use 12 months of the year. Provide a constant protection from those pesky odors or use the Dispenser for your Flying Insect control in the summer months.

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For the summer season in the Port Clinton area, we offer that add-on service for your home or business to reduce the spider and ant activity. We offer an excellent exterior spraying of the structure to reduce the amount of droppings and webbing from those pesky spiders.

We offer a metered system, charging by the gallon to better serve our customers needs. As you know everyone is different. We offer a "cut above the rest" with our metered system. Call us for more information regarding our exterior spraying services. We are self-contained, using only those products labeled for the use on exterior structure sidings, etc.

DEMAND CS is a low odor insecticide that when applied will give you long lasting protection if applied as specified. DEMAND CS has a broad label and works great in controlling those unwanted summertime pests.

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We offer live trapping and exclusion for wild animals. Including: squirrels, groundhogs, raccoons, opossums and skunks.

Licensed by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources - Division of Wildlife.

Edwards Pest Control has a Nuisance Wild Animal Trapping Permit for Ottawa, Erie and Sandusky Counties.

The Division of Wildlife Requires:
• Written permission of the landowner must be obtained prior to trapping.
• All animals must be treated in a humane manner.
• Any raccoons, skunks, and opossums trapped or taken alive in counties where distemper or rabies occurred during the previous year, must either be euthanized or held captive for 65 days with no signs of disease before they can be released (consult the local wildlife officer). If animals are held and released, they can only be liberated in the county where they were originally captured.
With the increasing amount of new construction in our area, we are forcing these wild animals out of their normal habitat. We need to be more sympathetic to their disruption and take the necessary precautions to move them to safe environments if possible.

For more information regarding the Nuisance Animal Trapping, contact the Division of Wildlife for the name of the wildlife officer in your area.

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Controlling pigeons and other pest birds is not easy. Solving bird problems on buildings requires creativity, hard work and often a lack of fear of heights!

Birds are a large concern in cities throughout the Nation. Locally we see an ongoing problem with pigeons and other pest birds. Our buildings are being defaced by their droppings and exposing people to potential disease organisms.

There are many products available for bird exclusion – most of which are quite costly and time consuming to put into place. Exclusion products fall into several broad categories:
• Gels
• Bird spikes and coils
• Wires
• Shock devices
• Netting
Netting provides the most complete and long lasting results in excluding birds, but it is the most expensive method and is not suitable for every situation.

Gels are effective but quite messy and need to be used for large birds only, as the smaller bird may become ensnared and die.

Bird spikes are very effective if placed properly. This is also costly and a time consuming effort for eradication.

BAT REMOVAL: (small problems)

Edwards Pest control does offer small bat problem removal. Usually this consists of a "stray" getting into your home and our services are needed.

We can refer you to a reputable company for those large bat problems.

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We offer an Inspection report that is specifically detailed. We don't just hand write a report for the closing of a home. We give you that professional computer generated report, in a professional packet to aid you in the sale/closing of your home or business.

When you call Edwards Pest Control to inspect your home or business for sale closing, we treat it like it is our own purchase. We look to provide the quality that we would expect and what you the customer deserve. Rest assured you will get a professional opinion of the home regarding wood destroying insects.

You will receive a detailed inspection report with a full set of pictures taken of the structure (interior & exterior, including the crawlspace, basement, out buildings) providing you with the same "picture" that Edwards Pest Control was able to inspect that day. Each photo is labeled on the back, identifying the room or item photographed for representation of the structures condition at the time of inspection. These photographs aid and support our professional report.

Click here for more information on this report.

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